Sanguino for Linux

Install Arduino Software

The Sanguino uses the Arduino and adds some small modifications to support our particular board.

First, you'll need to install the Arduino software.

If you already have it installed, then skip this step.

Install Sanguino Software

Visit the Sanguino Software download page and download the latest version of the Sanguino software.

Copy Folders

Unzip the Sanguino software file. It contains some folders that need to be copied into the Arduino software directory.

For arduino-0018 and newer:

  • copy ~/Sanguino to arduino-00xx/hardware/ You should end up with arduino-00xx/hardware/Sanguino/

For arduino-0012:

  • copy sanguino-software-1.x/cores/sanguino to arduino-00xx/hardware/cores/sanguino
  • copy sanguino-software-1.x/bootloaders/atmega644p to arduino-00xx/hardware/bootloaders/atmega644p
  • copy all the folders in sanguino-software-1.x/libraries/ to arduino-00xx/hardware/libraries/ overwriting the existing libraries.

Edit boards.txt

(pre arduino-0018 only)

Open the Arduino file located at arduino-00xx/hardware/boards.txt and append the text from sanguino-software-1.x/boards.txt to the end of the arduino boards.txt file.

Restart Arduino

Restart (or start) your Arduino host software. From the Tools -> Board menu, select the Sanguino board. You will now be able to use your Sanguino board just as you would a normal Arduino board.

Ubuntu specific instructions (works with 11.04 and 10.04)

Download the file from google code. Export this in the /usr/share/arduino/hardware directory. You need to use the root rights to do this. (By opening terminal and typing

sudo nautilus

Last but not least change (as root) the file board.txt (at …/Sanguino/board.txt). The line




Debian Specific Instructions

You need to upgrade to a newer version of avr-gcc that supports the new atmega644P chip. There are instructions on how to do this here:

Gentoo AMD64 Specific Instructions

See for one approach.

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