Build a Sanguino

Build the Original Sanguino (v1.0)


The kit is by far the easiest way to get a functioning Sanguino board. You simply solder everything together and you have your own handcrafted board that you personally made. So satisfying!

Sanguino v1.0 Kit Assembly Instructions

Build the Sanguino Breakout Shield (v1.0)


This kit is intended as an accessory to a Sanguino to allow you to easily wire it up into projects, but you can actually build it as a stand-alone Arduino. Read the instructions for more info!

Sanguino Breakout v1.0 Kit Assembly Instructions

Stripboard Style


If you'd rather make your own Sanguino, or you'd like to learn more about the circuit, or you just don't like nice, easy PCB based designs, you can make your own Sanguino directly on a stripboard like Adrian Bowyer did over at the RepRap blog.

Breadboard Sanguino

Breadboard Sanguino

Don't have a stripboard, or you don't want to solder (much), and you do have a breadboard … Sanguino bread board.

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