Sanguino Breakout v1.0 Shield Assembly

Build It!

These are the instructions on how to build the Sanguino Breakout as a shield. If you'd like to build one with an integrated Sanguino, follow these instructions instead.

Solder Pin Headers


These are female pin headers. You will need to take the pin headers supplied and cut them down to size. The easiest way is to insert them into the holes to measure, and then cut them *directly* on the pin *after* the final one. Do not cut them between the last pin and the pin after the last pin as this will damage the last pin. Its best to cut them on the next pin in order to make sure they are not damaged.

2-pin Screw Terminals


Solder these in facing outside.

4-pin Screw Terminals


Solder these in facing outside. They have interlocking tabs that help in alignment.

Insert Sanguino


Insert your Sanguino as shown.

You're done!

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